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One on One Approach. The resident physical therapist is committed to resolve your seemingly unresolvable condition. By closely collaborating with other doctors, we move the needing on making your treatment deliver the best results. Our ability to work in synergy with our other specialists allows us to develop an individualized plan for your quick recuperation.

Recover fast and for good. Whatever pain you are experiencing, we are the first and the last practice you need to call. Our wealth of experience and revolutionary modalities are at your disposal for a prompt and lasting recovery. Our physical therapist in Brooklyn has been helping people deal with pain for over 23 years.

Our advanced technologies. This is how we stand above other clinics in Brooklyn. We invest in the most innovative technologies money can buy to determine the root of your condition accurately and relieve your pain for life effectively.

To learn more about our physical therapy services in Brooklyn, browse through the conditions we treat and see how we can help.

neck pain physical therapy


Treatments, causes and when to know when it's already time to see a physical therapist

shoulder physical therapy in brooklyn


Causes of shoulder pain, conditions we treat, and how to know it's time to seek treatment

knee pain physical therapy


Understand knee pain, conditions we treat and how a physical therapist treats them.

lower back physical therapy

Lower Back

What causes pain in the lower back, how physical therapy can help and how is it different from sciatic pain.

ankle foot heel pain physical therapy

Ankle / Foot

Common foot conditions including heel and ankle, common causes and what to expect from your therapy sessions.

Other Treatments & Therapies

At ALLCARE PT Brooklyn, getting you back to a normal and healthy lifestyle is our objective. Aside from exercises and manual therapy, we also use various interventions like therapeutic modalities and advanced physical rehabilitation. They help solve your problems with pain and movement dysfunction much more efficiently. These treatments are scientifically proven methods for achieving specific rehab goals.

Feel free to give us a call for further explanation and consultation on these modalities, their applications, and expected outcomes.


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Dr. Ofir Isaac PT, MS, DPT

Dr. Ofir Isaac is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the founder of ALLCARE Physical Therapy Brooklyn, NY. He has completed over 250 EMG and NCV studies for radiculopathies, and peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes. Having more than 23 years of diverse experience, especially in physical therapy, Electromyography and nerve conduction testing, Dr. Isaac now serves as a brand champion for the next-gen of advance physio-therapy treatments.

Call Ofir Isaac on phone number (718) 339-6885 for more information and advice or to book an appointment. 

He is a pain neuroscience expert, pain diagnostic specialist & veteran therapeutic practitioner empowering chronic pain sufferers to be agents of their own breakthrough – and not reliant on providers..


Dr. Ofir Isaac of ALLCARE Physical Therapy in Brooklyn NY


Frequently Asked Questions

Physical therapy has always traditionally been associated only with care after orthopedic surgery. Allcare’s unique subspecialties focus on helping you avoid surgery. Because we read MRI’s XRAYS and interpret EMGs and Ultrasounds with 20 years of experience in this subspeciality, you can trust us.

Absolutely not. Research has proven that many MRIs and X-rays can mislead you and your doctor into thinking you may need surgery, when all you have is an trigger point that is reflecting pain from a far away location from where you are currently feeling it. Its normal to be concerned that something is torn, or ripped or cracked because your pain has been there for a while and its not going away.

While a traditional physical therapist uses a more passive approach for short term pain relief (such as massages, basic manipulation, manual techniques called manual therapy) we at ALLCARE Physical Therapy, use a unique active approach that are focused on healing and prevention.

There is a time and a place for physical therapy, but physical therapy is usually most appropriate when you’re dealing with an issue that is musculoskeletal (muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones). Certain signs and symptoms indicate when you aren’t ready for physical therapy just yet, like if you have sharp, sudden pain that gets worse with movement; swelling; obvious deformity; or inability to move the body part in question. And if you’re experiencing other health symptoms or complications beyond a musculoskeletal issue, it’s often worth checking in with your primary care provider first.

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