8 long months  of dragging himself to work in agony.   Mornings we’re no longer get up, jump out of bed, brush your teeth,  shave and shower,  and drink coffee in peace.  No. This was an annoying pain that woke up with him bright and early with a nice chomping reminder that his neck and right upper shoulder were still attached to him and he couldn’t just cut them off.     Just lifting his laptop bag, as he slammed the door with his left hand to get to work sent an electric shock right up the center of his middle back. He finally realized  today, as he read Dr. Google’s explanation of chronic pain,  that in these eight months HE  caused his body to build a new nerve pathway,  that was slowly re- wiring his whole body into a protective state. His neck pain was a pain mechanism turned on to overdrive., but he had no clue that what would cure him would be something  simple that he could have done himself all along…

 This pain was worse than carrying a 30 lb Sack of Potatoes over his shoulder for 1 mile!

Taking off a whole day  off from work, he sat there patiently at the pain management specialist office waiting and  hoping for a cure to this unrelenting locked neck stiffness and shoulder pain. This was not what he ever thought this insane neck pain would make him do, but those other treatments were like bandaids.   The neck cracking at the Chiropractor’s office felt good for about 2 hours,  and then arrrgh……….. the pain would then start again.  He described his neck issues, to the Pain Dr….. “ it feels trying to blow a candle out that just won’t go out.”   This was a  fight against his own body.  It  literally felt like someone grabbing him in a choke-hold, and not letting his neck turn at the dinner table to talk to his wife and kids CRAZY.. ………. Then  he told the Dr  “  Doc even the Chinese massage therapy center at 45 bucks a week,  gave me one day of freedom and worth every single dollar but  tha never lasted more than one day!”

 I don’t want that big needle stuck into my neck!  

That’s exactly what I would have said too if I were in his shoes.  Epidural injections are not pea shooters, these things are bazooka needles.  He decided to be a man and take the cortisone shot in the C6 spinal bone because the MRI said there was a herniated disc sitting on the nerve and the PAIN SPECIALIST insisted this is the magic bullet……….


Before I get into it and give away this secret potion that will cure the pain,  I really want to explain why I feel there’s always a natural solution to all chronic pain symptoms especially chronic neck pain.   Its ok to take the needle, and the pills, massages and hey even if the Chiropractic gave you relief that’s fine too.

Ask yourself this question if you’re suffering from chronic neck pain– do you want recovery and a  cure?  Do you just want to keep going in for relief treatments  and more band aids?  If decided that you want more relief treatments then those methods  will continue to just give you a tiny window of relief that will only last for just a few hours.. I’m going to explain how you can get long lasting recovery and the cure to your problem , and this method will only take you 1 – 2 minutes per hour…Really. It will be like a magic potion but I want you to first understand how this works.


 Impossible 1 – 2 minutes per hour  to  long lasting relief of chronic neck pain?   No Way….

Yes… Absolutely  there is a way and I am going to give it to you.

What your doctor  may have explained to you is only a small part of why you feel pain in your neck. What you read on Google about the disc in your neck pressing on a nerve is also a very small part  of what actually causes you to feel this chronic neck stiffness and unrelenting pain. Here are the three reasons why someone can get chronic neck pain  and stiffness

  1. POOR MUSCLE BALANCE— We are all sitting slumped over in our desks 4 hours upon hours texting emailing and chatting on social sites this creates tighten muscles in the front of her neck and weak muscles in the back of her neck. Overtime the  ligaments that hold our bones together start to do the work of those weak muscles and we get pain.
  1. Middle back stiffness — our middle back needs to me Mobile. When we sit and look down that are smartphones  we are creating stiffness in our middle back. This stiffness causes  our next to work  harder to make up for the loss of mobility in our middel backs
  1. Lack of standing —  when we sit we get into a position that our bodies we’re really not meant 4.   Standing is what  uses our spines  natural  curse and loads of our joints and muscles to work more optimally

. So What!   We all sit 8 hours of the day it’s part of life

Imagine what you’re going to look like when you’re 65 years old if all you do is sit down with your head bent  looking at the floor your cell phone or your laptop.

Gravity naturally wants to pull us down since we’re born and if you look at someone who is aging gravity vines a weak point in their spine and create a curve along that point causing them to bend forward.   You’re only accelerating this by sitting all day long.    What if you had  a quick self mobility exercise you could do in your chair to keep your spine in a healthy state and cure chronic neck pain at the same time.

I still  can’t believe I’m giving this away for free!

Ok sit up in your chair  and follow these simple steps to learn how to fix a chronic neck stiffness almost in record time.

step 1.  Grab the Back of your neck and lean over the back of the chair

step 2 . Keep your chin tucked into your chest and lean back even further until you just cant push any further

Step 3.  Stay Upright and breath in and out gently and repeat for as many repititions as possible for 1 minute every hour…

Results you should achieve… The pain in the shoulder should get better, and you should feel more pain in the lower neck or upper back region with more and more reps..


Disclaimer : ****If you feel that this exercise or motion creates more pain than you currently have SPECIFICALLY pain that radiates down your arms or away from the neck after you repeat this motion, then its highly suggested that you STOP, and contact your health care provider for further instruction. This is purely information that you are electing to use at you own accord and not meant to replace medical advice.***


Unbelievable isn’t it?   People look for solutions that are so complicated sometimes.  They run from specialist to specialist because they don’t understand what is actually causing their problem.  They let friends, or the media, or  family  tell them what to do.  Staying just plain ignorant leads them to a solution that they think is going to be the silver bullet for relief. We live in the age of information, almost too much information.   Sometimes we choose bad information. At ALLCARE physical therapy, we simplify the pathway from pain diagnosis to pain prevention.    Don’t take my word for it,  check out our YouTube videos and see what others have to say about their neck issues, and how we solved it super quick .    If you want to learn more  about your chronic neck pain and how we can help you, don’t wait  call our office now you won’t regret it.

Until next time, your  chronic neck pain Brooklyn physical therapy specialist and guru. 😉