If  you have nerve pain, in your arms or legs hands or feet,  that is not going away it can RUIN YOUR LIFE.  Actually,   it can take many forms: burning, tingling, electric, and pins-and-needles.  You’re not alone.  Studies show that Millions of people in the USA alone have unexplained nerve pain and medical surveys show that thousands  have unexplained nerve pain in Brooklyn. It’s an EPIDEMIC.

Today Most Family Doctors are not properly trained in Diagnosis or Treatment of the nerves muscles and bones, so when you complain of these symptoms at your next Doctor visit they may refer you to several specialists just to get the root cause of the issue.  I am sure that taking time off from your busy week to wait five weeks or more for an appointment at a busy specialist’s office is not in your schedule or your budget.   Unfortunately most people in pain seek answers, relief and an end to their suffering, and below is the medical path they go through JUST TO GET AN ANSWER.

  • Step 1.   FAMILY DOCTOR ( 45- 2 hour wait) ( 95% of the time with no results)
  • Step 2.   SET AN APPOINTMENT WITH A NEUROLOGIST (3 week waiting time and 2 hour office wait)
  • Step 3.   NEUROLOGIST sends you for MRI, XRAY ( Trip to radiology center and wait 3 hours)
  • Step 4. Referral to NEUROPHYSIOLOGIST ( Nerve testing “EMG” 3 hours).
  • Finally!   A DIAGNOSIS is made after 4 weeks and an average of 11 total hours via multiple office visits, and $100’s of dollars in copays and fees. NOT A GOOD USE OF TIME OR MONEY!
  • Infact,  our Specially Trained Physical Therapists are experts in the SAME Neurological Examination and Nerve Diagnositic Testing that Neurologists are famous for SEE Step 4. ( EMG TEST). You could have Skipped steps 1-3which is a great advantage to YOU!

Causes of Nerve Pain in the Hands Arms Legs or Feet

Peripheral Nerves ( nerves of the arms and legs) are like long electrical wires that have a protective covering surrounding them. In the arms and legs these peripheral nerves travel give your muscles POWER and FEELING (sensation). When damage occurs to peripheral nerves, these nerves get compressed, stretched, pinched and in severe trauma the inner wires under the protective cover can get cut. Occasionally and less commonly, Nerve pain or weakness is caused by a virus or toxicity to a medication. More than 50 medical conditions, drugs, and toxins are known to cause nerve damage.

Most Common Causes of Nerve Pain That We Diagnose With EMG and can Treat:

  • Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy ( A Diabetic feeling numbing or burning in fingers, bottom of feet)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( tingling in hands specifically at night)
  • Radiculopathy ( Pinched Nerve in The Back or Neck shooting into one arm or leg Sciatica)
  • Ulnar neuropathy ( tingling and weakness in the elbow and hand in the last two fingers)
  • Suprascapular Nerve Palsy ( weakness in the shoulder without pain and loss off shoulder muscle mass)
  • Axillary nerve Palsy ( weakness in the shoulder due to a broken shoulder or dislocation)
  • Shoulder Plexopathy ( numbing and pain in the fingers and weakness in the shoulder due to a fall with an outstretched arm)

If you or someone you know in the Brooklyn area, has been suffering with Unexplained Nerve Pain, or have weakness in the hands arms legs or feet, then call  (718) 673-2014 now and schedule an appointment right away to have it accurately diagnosed and treated with our team of experts.