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About the Workshop


By Dr. Ofir Isaac

Physical Therapist

Sciatica Specialist

Treatment for unresolved complex pain


“FINALLY EXPOSED: Self –Diagnosis of Sciatica and best treatment of Your Pain, Numbness and Tingling WITHOUT visiting the doctor.”


Your leg is annoying you, actually it’s been driving you nuts for more than a few weeks now maybe a few months!  Its feels like a pain in the back of the thigh, buttocks and sometimes a tightness in the small of your back on one side. So you sit down SLOUCHED just for some relief Ahhhhh.  A few weeks pass and the motrin, mineral ice, heat compresses are working less and less and you start to worry.  Will this PAIN ever go away? Am I doomed with this forever?  Thoughts race through your mind of serious diseases you may have as you google your symptoms on web MD, and watch self help you tube videos for some “do it yourself” pain relief solutions.

   If you’ve tried everything and it’s getting worse and worse by the day,  and getting up from a chair is agony, rolling in bed is waking you up and you can’t sleep then this is for you so keep reading.

“But I don’t want an INJECTION in my spine”

If this sounds just like you or someone you know the story is a all way too similar they follow EXACTLY the same pattern of treatments. Step 1 Do it yourself, —à Step 2.  Go to their family doctor who is trained in curing diseases, not nerve muscles and bone issues and they get strong addictive pain medications —àStep  3.  They try Chiropractic, Acupunture, Expensive Traction machienes spending time and money on “ relief care that lasts a day or two but the pain keeps coming back with a vengence”—à  Step 4. MRIs and Xrays are ordered, and they finally get epidural injections that may last for the short term but never diagnose the real cause of the pain in the end, they end up with a huge insurance deductible payment and minimal improvement!

But the MRI and XRAY diagnosed a Disc Herniation ( pinched nerve)”  

 Yes, MRI and Xray are great tests that help doctors see things that maybe causing a disease such as a tumor or fracture but that rarely, maybe the cause of the pain.  Infact,  most people don’t need these expensive tests unless there was a real trauma or fall or even a history of cancer.  Actually, MRIS for back pain rarely diagnose the cause of the pain which is almost always a simple muscle imbalance in the pelvis or spine.  The latest research has proven time and again that normal people without pain have MRIs that show disc herniations as well.  So MRIs rarely find the cause of pain.

Simple, Fast, and Immediate process for Solving the unsolvable!” 

My name is Dr. Ofir Isaac, I first got interested in developing a better treatment for lower back pain when I noticed that the traditional therapy treatments I learned in the NYU Physical Therapy program were not working effectively.

I left no stone unturned in my search for the fastest best solution. I had been working and studying different neurology systems and modern diagnosis, for 13 years.   I continued to study day and night with the best of the best diagnosticians, to finally come up with my Sciatica Solution system.


ALLCARE Physical Therapy has this unique process of precise diagnosis and accurate effective treatment that gets immediate results.

Our Correct Maintain Prevent process of pain resolution methods has proven time and again to find long lasting solutions.

Don’t take our word for it click on reviews at our Google Plus link,  and see what others have said about their personal experience with our process, and learn what we can do to help you solve the unresolved!

Take 30 seconds and see how two long time Sciatcia sufferers got immediate long lasting relief on the FIRST visit with our approach.

About the Workshop