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Best Chiropractor New York – Interview during a High Velocity, Low Amplitude, Thrust Manipulation.

Dr OFIR ISSACDr. Isaac: What we’re going to do is manipulate your back. Most physical therapists, probably like 95%, don’t even know how to do this!

If they do, they learn it in a course on a weekend…   That’s what makes me one of the best chiropractor New York!

We at Allcare Physical Therapy, we’re kind of ninjas of manual therapy, so we try to practice our skill set and actually use it for the right reasons.

What we’re going to try to do is free up the joints in your middle back, by doing what they call High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust Manipulation.

And it doesn’t really hurt, it actually feels good.  It breaks up the scar tissue in your joints…

Thurst manipulation(Struggles with the manipulation a bit)


He’s pretty big guys so… (Patient laughs)

All right… (CRACK!) GOT IT!

Dr. Isaac:  So what did you feel with that manipulation?

Patient talkPatient:  I felt that pop! It cracked!  I had that going on for years!

Dr. Isaac:  So what happened to you man?   What brought you to the best chiropractor in Brooklyn… Allcare Physical Therapy?

Patient:  I had scar tissue there…

points to painPlaying basketball… that just felt like a ball with a knot, and it’s been there for years…

Dr. Isaac:  So this is the second time that we did this… and this is your third session?

Patient:  Right.

Dr. Isaac:  How long’s this thing going on in your back?

Patient:  Over ten years.

Dr. Isaac:  How did you feel after that second session?

Patient:  So far, after the FIRST one, it was satisfactory!

Dr. Isaac:  Any improvement in your game level?

Dr OffirPatient:  Yeah… absolutely! Feel a lot better!

Dr. Isaac:  Have you ever tried physical therapy before?

Patient:  Not for that…No.

Dr. Isaac:  Okay great!

best chiropractor new yorkPatient:  Thanks… good job!

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