shoulder pain

If you have been struggling with a severely locked frozen shoulder, and you have tried everything you can to self treat it, then this is going to be exactly the answer you have been looking for.

The secrets to unlocking a stiff frozen shoulder like a Physical Therapist are all right here for you, FREE!

First, before I give you the “secret ingredients” that when blended together will be a super potent and natural “defroster” for any frozen shoulder, you must realize that battling with YOUR shoulder girdle pain is unique and specific to you.  Not all Frozen Shoulders need mobility aka “stretching,” and not all need “strengthening”  contrary to what you may have read or learned from other providers you may have been to already.  I have seen it all before Chronic Shoulder pain can spiral quickly out of control leaving your shoulder stuck with total loss of function literally overnight. That why its called FROZEN SHOULDER.

This can literally ruin your LIFE!

I am assuming you are reading this because you have or had pain and limited motion with

  • Combing your hair
  • reaching behind your back to toilet yourself
  • Dressing yourself
  • Reaching overhead to grab a mug from the kitchen cabinet
  • Sleeping and waking up from severe discomfort in the middle of the night
  • An inability to lift a container of milk due to weakness

 “ LIVE WITH IT, WATCH AND WAIT AND  IT WILL GO AWAY IN A YEAR”  — that’s what they all say…

A Year?  Are you serious?   Who’s they?  STOP taking advice from medical professionals who are do not specialize in rehabilitation.  Not ALL DOCTORS KNOW EVERYTHING.

We are getting there, but first you need to “wrap your arms firmly around this concept”.  YOUR STIFFNESS is really just a response and protective mechanism of your nervous system guarding your joints, ligaments and muscles.  A FROZEN SHOULDER develops when you stop moving the arm to prevent further pain.

That’s it. Really!

So what are the “ingredients” to get this shoulder pain done with already?

Let me explain. Your joints and ligaments FREEZE or “shorten,” creating a lack of range of motion in the capsule holding the bones together.  In a case of  a chronic or long term frozen shoulder scarring develops. Actually Doctors can see scarring on MRIs.  Eventually muscle imbalance sets in as the body has to adapt to a bad protective posture that just keeps feeding your brain stronger and stronger pain signals that something is off.   This makes the shoulder less and less mobile over time.

The Secret Sauce = The MOBILITY TRIAD

What’s the MOBILITY TRIAD you ask?

Working on lost MOBILITY  in a region surrounding the shoulder girdle will alleviate the shoulder PAIN.  Remember.. ( your shoulder and lower neck muscles are already overly in spasm) trying to protect you, so why keep smashing a painful area?  Doing the mobility triad will ultimately reduce the  “alarm of pain” that turns on as soon as you as you move your shoulder and you will feel relief.  THIS IS CALLED GATING THE PAIN, AND ITS CLOSE TO A MIRACLE DRUG WITHOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS!

MOBILITY TRIAD Exercise # 1 Seated Thoracic Rotation:  Sit up tall and turn toward the side of the Frozen Shoulder until you cannot turn any further.  Your shoulder may feel some discomfort but after the exercise you should feel some relief of shoulder pain

MOBILITY TRIAD Exercise #2 Quadruped Thoracic Rotation :Try to get on all fours and put your frozen shoulder (hand) on the back of your head try to twist all the way to the side of the frozen shoulder where you cannot turn any further.  Your shoulder may feel some discomfort but after the exercise you should feel some relief of shoulder pain


MOBILITY TRIAD Exercise # 3 Thoracic Extension Seated:   Sit in a hard back chair hands behind your neck and attempt to lean back of the edge of the chair where your upper middle spine is hyper extending.  Go back as far a you can and hold the movement. Your shoulder may feel some discomfort but after the exercise you should feel some relief of shoulder pain


There is no need to LIVE with a Frozen Shoulder despite what others may have told you. Call (718) 673-2014 today and schedule a consultation with our Brooklyn Frozen Shoulder Specialists at ALLCARE Physical Therapy they covers frozen shoulder causes and treatment . You will thank us later.

Your Brooklyn Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief Guru 😉