How to apply “Do it Yourself” Prescriptive Strength Exercise Principles for Instant Back Pain Relief !

Before I get deep into it, and literally start giving away my “secret self pain- fixes”  that I built over the last 18 years I want you to ask yourself 1 question. Do you want pain relief or do you pain prevention?

I am giving away FREE selfie pain FIXES for immediate lower back relief but I need you to take the information I will teach you very seriously.   You must realize that this is no different than getting access to a targeted prescriptive drug that a good doctor suggests.   Taking too much and you overdose and taking too little and you don’t get better.   Actually, I need you to make a commitment with yourself to be extremely careful NOT to overdose on these specifically designed movement strategies or they can totally backfire.    You must make a promise to yourself that you will not try to become a cowboy ( or cowgirl) do it yourself Physical Therapist, and start teaching what you learn here to others who are experiencing lower back pain because you may end up causing more harm than good.

……Ok, I trust you made the commitment by now and you are ready to learn my Prescriptive Self Back Pain Fix so lets get started….

NUGGET of wisdom #1

If you remember this one NUGGET of wisdom and you get nothing else out of this, I have done my job well in educating you for life…… so here goes……

“ If your Lower Back Pain comes and goes, meaning that your pain is not there with ALL movement and ALL positions then you have great potential to get better and feel better faster and longer.”

This means that you fit into a category of people that can RAPIDLY RESPOND to mechanical (movement ) fixes which you can apply to yourself to reduce your pain NOW!

Who else wants RAPID REDUCTION of lower back pain without ever having to go to a doctor,  therapist or alternative health care provider?

You are probably reading this and wondering why I would give you self help information absolutely FREE? Why does the dentist teach you how to floss your teeth and gargle with mouthwash?   Same exact reason!   I want you to learn how to prevent your episodes of lower back pain from returning, because I know that you have probably been spending countless hours researching self help methods and got no where.   You are reading this because you may have taken a few steps already to learning about your pain from Dr. Google, or a self proclaimed Sciatica and Back Pain Guru on Youtube , or you may have been reading posts on healing back pain on fitness forums.   Maybe you have been getting advice from friends or personal trainers who have been able to self treat their back pain successfully. That’s a great start but it just a start! There a hundreds of methods out there for self pain help, and when you are not a trained expert It becomes a matter of trial and error to see which one actually works for your case.

An expert plumber on you tube teaching you how to fix and replace a leaky pipe is no different than a self proclaimed back specialist teaching you how to FIX your own back. Remember,   these experts make everything simple, but everything in life takes skill to master.   The trick is to know when, what , how and where to apply new knowledge.

Here, YOU WILL learn to avoid more wasted efforts looking for relief, and you will avoid the common mistakes of wrong self back pain relief!

Here, YOU WILL save time, save money and prevent stress!

Infact, I will show you how to do (1) short and easy resetting movement fix that WILL HELP YOU relieve your lower back pain in just a short bit, but first let me explain exactly WHY, I already know you will rapidly respond immediately to this exercise .

80 % & 20% are the main reason you will get better rapidly!

80% of lower back pain cases can get relief rapidly and better in 2 days -3 days, no matter how long the back pain has been there. This is based on extensive research and studies done by the world renowned Mckenzie institute.

20% of lower back pain cases are slow responders, which means that these cases may need more of a hands on treatment ( aka )manual therapy which we specialize here at ALLCARE Physical Therapy in Brooklyn.

Physical therapists who combine manual therapy with these self corrective mechanical exercises get you the best long term results.

Below, I will describe the TOP self corrective mechanical exercise that you can try right now and see it helps you resolve your pain.

Look at the image below and follow it from LEFT to RIGHT .

Mckenzie Clasification

This is a typical presentation of Mechanical Lower Back Pain.   You will notice a PATTERN that demonstrates how Lower Back Pain starts in the center of the lower back and slowly migrates to the back of the one leg ( HERE it’s the right leg ).   Eventually as the pain progressively worsens it passes down BELOW the right knee/thigh and into the calf and foot.


I want you to classify yourself and find your “symptoms and pattern.” What type of pain pattern do you have? …. Once you find it we will move into a self diagnosis of mechanical movement to find a solution.


ONE SIDED LOWER BACK PAIN ( most common presentation)

One sided Lower Back Pain ( lets use Right sided Lower Back and Leg Pain) here. Typically this type of pain responds to one particular exercise that relieves the pain almost immediately …..

Try this below

mckenzie side glide

Lean against the wall with the left shoulder touching the wall and place your feet approximately 1 foot distance from the wall, and firmly press the right hip and pelvis towards the wall using your right hand to assist you.

Dosage: repeat this for 20-30 repititions and see if your pain gets LESS INTENSE and or MOVES up toward the center of the lower back and AWAY from the leg.

Did you get Relief ? Great == continue to do this this every single hour for the next two days. This is your GREEN LIGHT – see below

     stop light





GREEN LIGHT = KEEP GOING— If you got relief from this exercise but it did not last then that just means that you have to be disciplined to doing this precise movement every single hour as many as you can do as long as it continues to relieve the intensity of pain or it moves the more towards the direction of the center of your back.

YELLOW LIGHT=  PROCEED WITH CAUTION –The movement gave you no relief and the movement did not increase your existing symptoms of pain more than previous. NO CHANGES..

RED LIGHT =   STOP THE MOVEMENT — The movement made you worse either causing the pain to shoot down the leg or increased the intensity of the pain significantly

DISCLAIMER: You are doing this on you own accord and this write up and article shall not serve as an alternative to medical advice or treatment but rather a self help elective exercise. If you need more information contact a Physical Therapist who has a good working knowledge of the principles and application of the Mckenzie Method or is a manual therapist. At ALLCARE Physical Therapy Brooklyn our team of Physical Therapists  are experts in the realm of chronic pain and spine pain.

If you want to learn more about these type of exercises then get in touch and email your request to Your subject line should read FREE REPORT “Self Fixes for your neck and back.” I will forward you the FREE REPORT.

Your Brooklyn Pain Physical Therapy Guru 😉