if you have tried everything and you still have back pain that is just not going away then you are in luck! Here I will help you understand the SINGLE BEST pain relief method out there today.   Even the most insane and unrelenting back pain has been helped with this approach!

Are you tired of taking strong pain killers and getting no where ?   Have you tried expensive smelly creams and ointments to get natural pain relief to no avail ?  

What if there was a FREE and instant precise system you could apply to yourself NOW and get better in HALF the time—would you be interested?

I have personally examined and treated over 6000 people over the past 13 years. People always tell me that their Back Pain feels like a fire spreading across their back and more often than not their pain spreads fast and furiously finding its way down the legs and then spreading to the bottom of the foot with a vengeance, Extinguishing pain is no different than putting a stop to a raging spreading electrical “fire,” it takes intense, focused and localized input to the source generator the pain.

Like Oxygen Feeds Fire, Poor Standing and Sitting Posture Feeds Back Pain!

Back Pain always ignites as a chemical reaction in one region and spreads rapidly ESPECIALLY when there is a large enough imbalance and overload to the muscles ligaments and soft tissue structures surrounding the back.  With continued poor posture in standing and sitting the flames of pain are spread by the nervous system. “Peripheral nerves” are conduits and tunnels for hundreds of electrical wires that can transmit the pain via lightning speed down the arms or legs.

So how can we achieve the ultimate goal of extinguishing the “flames of pain”?

The strategy is always to attack at the source of overload and inflammation. Before I give you this simple but powerful tool for you Back Pain lets imagine the fire department coming to attack an electrical fire.   They always begin to spray water and fire retardant DIRECTLY at the electrical fuse and transistor box ( the source of the electrical fire). Well to extinguish Back Pain we need to attack the BOX where the “peripheral nerves “ stem from.   Where is that electrical box in our body ?     The BRAIN= THE ELECTICAL BOX of our body!

 brain on pain



 electrical fire


PAIN must be first addressed at the source which is the BRAIN.

To turn off the FIRE “PAIN” ALARM and short circuit the pathway that causes those wires to go ablaze your BRAIN must be addressed first. Once the Brain’s threat is managed then long term relief from pain will occur.

Once the BRAIN’s fire alarm is reset and the flames of pain begin to die down oxygen must be cut off to the flames

IF you don’t turn off the OXYGEN source the fire will start to grow again!  This means changing your bad posture in sitting and standing immediately!

XRAYS AND MRIs and other test do not tell me or your DOCTOR anything about the source generator of your pain. Actually they just scare people into believing that there is something abnormal going on that cannot go away!

No- Really how can you TREAT THE BRAIN ? —- Go ahead and watch the link on PAIN SCIENCE and see what its all about ….Learn about this revolutionary powerful tool that brings the wave of the future into the NOW.



As a Physical Therapist who consults TOP Physicians, on their most Chronic Back Pain patients, I am often asked by them WHATS THE CRITERIA on the MRI of XRAY for recommending someone for Physical Therapy?

Most patients I get referred from Doctor’s offices have tried everything for their BACK PAIN, EVEN OTHER PHYSICAL THERAPISTS and still have back pain that is just not going away because the approach that they tried was wrong!

People come to ALLCARE PT because their PAINFIRE” ALARM in the Brain was never shut off. They try so many other methods like Chiropractors Acupuncturists Massage Therapists Injections and Personal Trainers where they are treated with localized treatments, but really all that happens is a reduction in the intensity of their pain but the FLAMES of PAIN are still live at the source and the symptoms come right back again after they stop these treatments.

There is hope for long lasting relief. I bet you are reading this and just realized you suffer from Chronic Sciatica or Nerve Pain in the legs, or just unrelenting back pain, Physical Therapy using a PAIN SCIENCE approach will be extremely beneficial and will most certainly help you get back your life again!

Don’t suffer in silence TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM, TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE – Call ALLCARE Physical Therapy today and learn more about how we integrate Pain Science into our innovative approach and get long tern results on Back Pain.