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The #1 Reset for Lower Back Pain Relief in Brooklyn, New York

lower back pain reliefA lot of people ask me what’s really causing their lower back pain.  Where can I get lower back pain relief?  There’s this new thing called, “Sitting is the new smoking”.  When you’re sitting for a long period of time, what happens is the hip flexors, which are these muscles in the front of your thighs…

Hip flexors

Hip flexors

These get short and your lower back muscles get unloaded… There’s no pressure on those discs and those joints. The hip flexors are in the front of your thighs… You have two hip flexors. What happens is the hip flexors do this motion…  They help raise your hips.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain

Just imagine if you’re sitting in a chair in a 90-degree position, all day long, with your hip flexors being short.  What happens is your nervous system gets comfortable in that position; kind of like a rubber band that gets short.  It stays in that position for many hours of the day.  Then you get up after and you feel stiff, and your back feels locked out and you cannot straighten.

This is the number one reason why people are trying to get lower back pain relief is because they are spending so much time in that flexed position.

So… Do yourself a favor… try to get up every few minutes when you’re working.

Every ten to 15 minutes, get up and try this one reset for lower back pain relief!

Taking your hands and putting it on your bottom…

first step is standing for lower back pain relief

reset for lower back pain reliefAnd lean back as far as you can!

The secret is leaning back as far as you can… If you only go back half way… you’re NOT stretching out those hip flexors…  and you’re certainly NOT re-aligning or resetting the joints of your lower back…  Back into their neutral alignment or their comfortable alignment.

They’re still stuck flexed or bent.   So you have to reverse that curve and this is the most wonderful exercises to do for your lower back pain!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Allcare’s Physical therapist in Brooklyn specializing in non-surgical cases ?

Physical therapy has always traditionally been associated only with care after orthopedic surgery. Allcare’s unique subspecialties focus on helping you avoid surgery. Because we read MRI’s XRAYS and interpret EMGs and Ultrasounds with 20 years of experience in this subspeciality, you can trust us.

Can Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in Brooklyn save you from having knee surgery ?

Absolutely! Newly published clinically proven research demonstrates that only 8% of all knee pain actually needs to get orthopedic surgery. MRI’s and XRAYS are rarely the answer. Sports medicine physical therapists are properly trained to examine you.

Do I need an MRI or X-RAY before I start physical therapy in Brooklyn?

Absolutely not. Research has proven that many MRIs and X-rays can mislead you and your doctor into thinking you may need surgery, when all you have is an trigger point that is reflecting pain from a far away location from where you are currently feeling it. Its normal to be concerned that something is torn, or ripped or cracked because your pain has been there for a while and its not going away.

What should Physical Therapy in Brooklyn look like?

While a traditional physical therapist uses a more passive approach for short term pain relief (such as massages, basic manipulation, manual techniques called manual therapy) we at Allcare Physical Therapy in Brooklyn NY, use a unique active approach.