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Physio Therapy, in Brooklyn, can help people who suffer from chronic pain.

By Kristen Shaughnessy
Friday, December 18, 2015 at 05:30 AM EST

Physio Therapy is Revolutionizing Pain Treatment.

Time Warner Cable News’ Kristen Shaughnessy explains how physio therapy is an active approach in this Healthy Living report.

100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

chronic pain

man in chronic pain

That number comes from a number of sources, including The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

That means more people suffer from chronic pain than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.

Neck painDr. Erson Religioso is a doctor of physical therapy and world renowned for his ability to help those with chronic pain.


“You just have to convince a patient to take the care into their own hands,” Religioso says.

treatment“That’s what keeps people better, that’s what gets people better faster.”

pressupMany of Dr. Religioso’s patients have been told surgery is their only option.


Woman having back surgery

He says it’s simply not true.

Physio is the Active approach to wellness and pain relief

He says the key is teaching patients how to self-treat so they know what to do if the pain pops up again.

Physio Therapist

Dr. Isaac, Physio Therapist, teaches patient how to stretch themselves

neuro-corrective exercise

Dr. Isaac talks a patient through a neuro-corrective exercise… the physio approach!

“People get better from massage…

They get better from manipulation…

But most manual therapists we found, that are simply ‘hands-on’ …

Help as many people as they don’t help!”,  Religioso says…

“So what’s like the missing link?

The missing link ended up being that patient needs to self-treat.”

Physio Active approach

woman self-treats with a neuro-corrective stretch reset

Neuro corrective stretch

Dr. Ofir Isaac is also a doctor of physio therapy.


He specializes in chronic pain and uses many of Dr. Religioso’s techniques.

side view exercise

“Chronic pain in the medical, more Passive model is being treated with high doses of painkillers, medications…


“Chronic pain in the medical, more Passive model is being treated with high doses of painkillers, medications…


 Neck Reset

Dr. Isaac demonstrates a neck “Reset”

“Chronic pain in the medical, more Passive model is being treated with high doses of painkillers, medications…


Percocets used to treat some chronic pain

Injections and even unwarranted surgeries, trips to specialists that are not necessary…

Panalyzing x-ray atients living in severe depression,” Dr. Isaac says.

neck and shoulder pain

woman upset because she cannot continue her workout

Dr. Isaac says the source of the pain is often not what hurts.

For instance…

Back pain could be the result of an ankle issue.

A physio therapy treatment

Dr. Isaac does a 30 Second self-test to determine if the pain in his back is actually coming from his ankle

ankle exerciseEar infections often stem from neck issues.

head and neck pain

“Your brain is like a computer…

When the body senses a perceived threat, a pain somewhere in your leg or your back or your arm, we are trying to help the brain…

pain graphics

Which is processing that information…

To reduce the threat to the area.”

body graphics


92% of chronic pain cases can be successfully treated using the Physio method, which is an Active approach,

Rather than the Passive approach; which may lead to medications, injections, and unnecessary surgery.

Dr. Religioso and Dr. Isaac use Skype and Google hangouts to counsel patients.

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“We treat what’s causing the pain…

And we believe that pain is really caused by a threat to your nervous system,” Isaac says.

They say most of their patients have been poked and prodded enough! 

Most of their patients see significant change within just 2 sessions!


For more direct information, please feel free to contact Dr. Ofir Isaac at