Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment

This man was worried that his rotator cuff diagnosis would be a permanent life-long pain.   He nearly gave up on his rotator cuff treatment at Allcare Physical Therapy after only 11 of his 20 visits.

Oh how he was wrong!

man with rotator cuff diagnosis

DR. ISAAC:   What brought you to Allcare Physical Therapy originally?

PATIENT:   Basically I fell and I went to the doctor. He told me that it looks like after x-rays and some other stuff he did in terms of manipulating my arm, he came to the conclusion that I had a partially ripped rotator cuff.

DR. ISAAC: : A partially ripped rotator cuff… in which arm?

PATIENT:  My right arm.

DR. ISAAC: : So what couldn’t you do?  What was your level of motion when you first arrived here at Allcare Physical Therapy for your rotator cuff treatment sessions?

PATIENT:  Well first it was difficult to sleep at night on the side which was my right side.  When I’d wake up in the morning I was in horrible pain.

During the day I can lift my hand up maybe this high…

limitations with rotator cuff tearAnd now I can lift it up all the way like that!

after rotator cuff treatmentMy second limitation was moving my arm this way…

before rotator cuff treatment second movementWhich before I can only go to here…

Now I can go all the way back without any pain!

after rotator cuff treatment second movementDR. ISAAC:   Great!

PATIENT:  Now the process was a very interesting journey because my movement this way…

rotator cuff tearrotator cuff tear diagnosis

Started to improve pretty quickly. I will tell you after about 4 or 5 visits.  But the problem with my arm this way…

Rotator cuffAfter the 11th visit, I’m supposed to come here 20 times,…

And after the 12th time I said this will never get better!  I’ll never be able to do this with my rotator cuff tear…

Well… today’s date is visit number 19… and here I am…

rotator cuff treatment

I can do it!

Each one of the therapists know me, they know my case, and they know exactly where I left off last time. They’re moaning when I leave… and they always give me a variety of different exercises.

They don’t want me to stick to one method.

They keep on switching me onto different things so my motion keeps on improving and improving.

What should I tell you?   I’m a happy customer!

***This patient eventually made a full recovery with no pain at all***

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