Knee Pain

Do you suffer from “Runner’s Knee”?

Have you been to all the Brooklyn Chiropractors and they say you can’t run anymore?

Melissa rose up to the challenge!  Despite suffering from chronic  “runners knee” pain she was not going to miss this Miami mud run and ULTRA SPRINT outdoor challenge…It had been a gruelling 3.5 mile outdoor MIAMI mud obstacle running race and her muscles ached, her body was caked with sweat and mud. She had more bruises than she could count, but she was proud and thrilled with completing the challenge.   The 30 year old athletic woman had a further reason to feel pleased as it was her first race and her Doctor told her not to attempt it because it would only worsen her “runners knee”, BUT she made the decision to prepare her muscles before the race and made it through just fine!   For her this was more than just any cross country run, because it had involved climbing 10 foot brick walls, crawling through swamp mud carrying 25 lb sandbags overhead, rolling under barbed wire, and swinging across jungle gym bars while dodging fire pits. And to think the Miami Orthopedist diagnosed her telling her NOT to run, so how did she do it and come out pain-free?

Before The Race Her First Thought Was… “How Will I Make It Through 3.5 Miles If I Can’t Even Run Half A Block Without Pain ?”

Any Runner Struggling With Knee Pain Who Has Been Told By A Doctor That They Can’t Run Especially Before A Big Race Looks For Temporary Fixes Like Cortisone Injections, New Sneakers, Orthotic Inserts and Supports… but NOT HER,  she was going to FIX THIS …

HOW could Melissa finish a trail race with never ending steep and curving dirt hills packed with slippery mucky grass, all while running for 2 hours without any rest?

How did a 30 year old female with ZERO running experience, Knee Pain and horrible running form and little stamina for running, prepare for the this big MIAMI obstacle mud race? She was not very optimistic when she realized that that after 15 minutes on a treadmill at 7 mph she was already complaining of a BURNING and “locking” in her right knee. She also felt a TIGHT PINCHING in the Calves at the 1 mile mark, and she only had 4 weeks to train !   How did she manage to compete in an insane MIAMI SPARTAN Sprint Obstacle Course Race with only 4 weeks to prepare?

Here I will share with you how I quickly helped her “REVERSE ENGINEER” the “kiss of death” diagnosis by an ORTHOPEDIST…….. The kiss of death are these words “YOU CAN’T RUN”

Today, you are in LUCK,  if you read every single word carefully in this informative mini RUNNERS guide…  I will not only unveil my easy to apply secret to developing a relaxing and PAIN FREE smooth running form,  I will literally show you how to do it yourself without you needing any dangerous cortisone injections that can cause muscle ruptures in the long term and you won’t need to wear another annoying knee brace. With this invaluable information you will stop taking heavy pain medications after a run, and I will teach you what to do to prevent any re-injury so YOU CAN run PAIN-FREE despite what the Doctor told you …

Your interested in solving and recovering from your own knee pain or ankle foot pain with running aren’t you?

Has it ever occurred to you that by making a few simple changes in your training approach you could run farther than ever before and be completely pain-free and injury free?

                                                                                     Lets Go…

Ok… only continue to read this if you are super serious about fixing the medical diagnosis your ORTHOPEDIST Specialist may have given you or you did research online and think you may have an issue when you run.    This mini RUNNERS’ GUIDE will work for you wether you have been diagnosed with Patellafemoral Syndrome, ITB (IT BAND) syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, Metatarsalgia or Plantar Fascititis or even the undiagnosable ABYSS  “runners knee” …a cop out diagnosis made by many Orthopedists when they can’t order a scan on you. I guarantee you that once you apply the information, you can be better right NOW.  Do not waste your time reading this report, if you are afraid of a little bit of work or you think that injections and pills braces or expensive shoe orthotic inserts with fancy running sneakers , or changing the running surface is the silver bullet answer.

                                                                                   Ok Lets Begin…

Before I forget…. by the way this is NOT for you if you want more smoke in mirrors PASSIVE approaches like massage , Chiropractic adjustments or Acupuncture and Electrical Muscle Stimulators or Laser Light Therapy. PASSIVE treatments are temporary at best and NEVER HELP YOU TRULY RECOVER! Now that I have your undivided attention let me get back on track…. I was going to show you why this mini RUNNERS’ GUIDE is good information for the RUNNER who is ready to get to full PAIN-FREE recovery and not just temporary relief.   Ok before I give you my magic pixie dust formula that will “poof make your running problems go away bye bye and disappear” no matter how long you have had it and no matter what you may have tried I want to SHOW you how I got this information. because when you know WHY, you too CAN run despite what the Orthopedist medical diagnosis is and you will understand the true CAUSE of your problem and FIX IT FOR GOOD …

As a fellow runner don’t you think it’s SHOCKING how many people out there are running without a real solution to end their complaints of pain?   I bet you have seen it watching others on your runs or maybe this is you. Most are “dredging through and limping through their longer runs,” THEN they end up at the Orthopedist Office. Most keep pushing through pain until they too hear the “kiss of death “ from the SPECIALIST…” YOU NEED TO STOP RUNNING OR YOU WILL END UP IN A WHEELCHAIR OR YOU WILL NEED ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY!” As an athlete and runner I know this personally and it is the most depressing thing to hear. If you are a real runner then I know how you feel because running is your safe place! Running is a type of meditation for most!

                                                                       Onward so lets keep going …

As a chronic pain and injury specialist and the fact that I am a Doctor of Physio-Therapy, and an avid runner myself I read every single book and blog and medical journal article on running biomechanics and I condensed the research into this report for you so you can get back to your passion of running without fear of what can happen if you continue to run.   By far, the largest complaint I get from runners about running is that it’s so hard on their knees. Running is blamed for all the knee problems when in actuality it’s not running that is causing the injuries, it’s the WAY people run (running form). By The way FORM is only PART of the SECRET you are about to learn. 

               “RUNNING IS GOOD FOR YOUR KNEES” REALLY ????  UM YES REALLY… Shocker isn’t it !

Make sure you are really reading this and stop focusing on that something else and I am getting there so hold on

First I need you to understand this point and everything will make sense, the truth is that if you can work on your running technique so that there is minimal impact or undue stress to your knees, you’ll never have knee problems or foot ankle problems again! It’s that simple really… but most don’t know what to do to reduce the impact on their knees thinking they need to run on softer surfaces or with better sneakers or that their feet are over pronating (flat footed). Actually Large-scale scientific studies have been shown that there is no real connection between how much of your running is on hard vs. soft surfaces and injury rates.

So what is the real truth and HOW can you change the WAY YOU RUN?

Before I give you the exact solution to your problem I need to ask you some serious questions so I can help you determine what the CAUSE of your pain is … are you ready?  

Ok here goes I trust you are fully committed by now so go ahead and read through question # 1 – 4 below…

  1. Does Your Pain Come and Go Or Stay With You Throughout Your Run?
  2. Does the Pain Travel or Move or does it stay in one place?
  3. Have You Noticed the Pain Come On Only With a Specific Running Distance?
  4. Did You Get An X-ray Or MRI where the Orthopedist told you have A meniscal cartilage tear or knee cap damage or arthritis telling you MUST have surgery or you need to STOP running to avoid further damage

If you answered yes to any 2 of these questions,  then you will be blown away with what you will read in the next few lines

                       Are You Ready to Find The Cause and Category Of Your Pain and what to do about it?

                                                                             Find Your Category

I want you to classify yourself and find your, “symptoms and pattern.” What type of pain pattern do you have? Once you find it we will talk about some solutions and changes you can apply immediately.

Match your symptoms to one of the three causes of runners knee pain below:


Category 1: Hip Mobility Issues

Diagnosis and Problems It Causes

    1. Patellar Femoral Syndrome Chondromalacia Syndrome
    2. IT Band Syndrome

Category 2: Foot Mobility Issues

Diagnosis and Problems It Causes

            A.  PlantarFasciaitis/ Heel Spur Syndrome ,

            B.  Achilles Tendinitis / Shin Splint

            C. Bunion and Metarsalgia


Oh totally forgot Back to Melissa  30 year old runner above. Lets apply the same process to her as a CASE HISTORY and see how she was able to change her running form ad eliminate her knee pain.   She came to see me in the Miami Concierge Physio-Therapy office and I followed this exact sequence with her above asking her the 4 questions above.  You may totally relate to this if you are having knee pain when you run, so pay close attention here ok

                   4 Weeks Before Her Race She Described Her Symptoms Like This In Her Own Words

“ I felt a twing I my calf at mile 1 and then the ITB pain on the side of my knee would kick in and my knee would lock and throb so I would start to change my speed to keep going and try to push through, and then the bottom of my foot would start burning when I made the change.”  Melissa told me that her knee pain was her main concern not so much her foot.

I identified her symptoms as Category 1 and here is the rest of the SECRET I promised you …

                                             “PAIN IS A GOOD THING!”   WOW REALLY? … UH REALLY REALLY YES!

Don’t stop lets keep reading this is the KEY TAKEAWAY!

Pain is a warning signal that something you are doing when you run is overloading an area of your leg causing overuse.   IT IIS THE BRAINS WAY OF PROTECTING YOU NO DIFFERENT THAN PLACING YOUR HAND ON A HOT STOVE AND PULLING IT AWAY.   If your doctor told you to STOP RUNNING because of pain it’s because he’s unsure how to explain pain in functional terms (how muscles joints ligaments and tendons absorb LOAD and IMPACT when you run.) Most Doctors always use fancy expensive tests like an MRI Scan or XRAY to explain functional problems using a structural test and the studies show this!

Crazy isn’t it…..

50% of everyone who runs has symptoms of pain that MOST Doctors can’t figure out because you know what? The MRI or XRAY is not really telling them about HOW YOU RUN.

The good news is that the pain alarm in our BRAIN can be shut off for good, REGARDLESS whether your MRI or x-ray shows there is arthritis, meniscal tear, or degenerative joint disease, tendinitis or any other itis I forget to list.  

So Melissa just needed the HIP MOBILITY PROGRAM that I designed for her based on a Performance Running Analysis ( I watched her run and saw where her hip was relative to her knee and ankle during the phases of running)


Here is the Hip Mobility Program That I Precribed For Her…


FireHydrantExercise for runner's knee

The Fire Hydrant exercise


If You Made it This FAR then You Deserve To Give Yourself Access To An Expert Running Analysis By A Doctor. Of Physio-Therapy Who Is Passionate About Running And Pain-Free Performance.

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Your Miami Running Guru

Dr. Ofir Isaac Physio-Therapist 😉