brooklyn spine and arthritis center

Like a good Brooklyn Spine Center,

Allcare Physical Therapy,

Offers hope to people who attend their weekly Sciatica Workshop.

This is just a quick glimpse into the workshop… And most importantly… What people in Brooklyn with Sciatica, Spine pain, and Arthritis are saying about the Physiotherapists’ approach to treating their chronic pain…

Brooklyn Spine Center - Allcare Pt Sciatica WorkshopAt Workshop:

DR. ISAAC:   You’ve never been here before, right Robin? Have you ever been to a physical therapist before?

ROBIN:   Yes.

DR. ISAAC:  You have… have you had good experience?

ROBIN:  Let’s say nothing helped.

brooklyn spine and arthritis center

DR. ISAAC (to classroom):  They were going through the system and getting failed approaches. They were going to chiropractors, not to say chiropractors are bad, some are helpful, right? But they were going to chiropractors, acupuncturists, other physical therapists, other doctors, getting injections, some getting surgeries; showing up at my office and saying, “Can you fix me?” and I would help them…

spine exerciseROBIN’S TESTIMONIAL:



ROBIN:  The ‘other physical therapy’… they would do things to me…  What I do here is I am being taught different exercises, and I’m actually doing the exercises, instead of having things done to me.  It’s, you know, the passive, being passive versus being active.

For me being an active person who likes to work out… I really enjoy feeling like I’m in control of my physical therapy!





THE MAN:   Basically… I suffered an injury on a jet ski.  I landed on the heavy wave, and had this crazy pain…

DR. ISAAC (off-camera): Where was your pain?  Show me…

Man points to pain around back hip

THE MAN:   (points to pain on back hip)   Right back here… and it shot down to my knee.   Could barely walk… Couldn’t sit down and work at the computer… I mean this crazy pain when I got up and…

DR. ISAAC (off-camera)::  How bad was your pain on a scale of 1 to 10 after this injury?

THE MAN:  (Sighs) It was an 8!

DR. ISAAC (off-camera)::  How much improvement did you have after seeing the Healer, the chiropractor, and acupuncturist; approximately from the 8 out of 10 pain that you were having?

brooklyn spine center

THE MAN:  The improvement was only short-lived, through that day or two, and then afterwards it came (snaps fingers) right back!


I needed a Brooklyn Spine Center…I started coming here (Allcare Physcial Therapy).   Within 4 sessions, I’m able to do…(motions) Watch… (Bends all the way down)

spine center THIS!   I’m in no pain!

DR. ISAAC (off-camera)::  You couldn’t do that before?

THE MAN:   I could NOT do it… I couldn’t move!  I was stiff, I was like a robot!

DR. ISAAC (off-camera)::   So on a scale of 1 to 10, what would you say it is now if it was an 8 when you first got here?

painTHE MAN:  (smiles) It’s almost gone… It’s a ONE!

at the Brooklyn Spine Center

Dr. Isaac Points to the problem area for Robin

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