Imagine this — TRUE STORY…   Joe a 38 year old attorney gets to his Local Cross Fit (BOX)  and hits the weights really really hard one night.   Actually, his WOD consists of Cleans, Ring Pull Ups,  Dead Lifts,  Pull Ups and Squats.   As he confidently walks out of the gym, suddenly he falls down to the ground with excruciating pain shooting down from his left butt into his leg and calf muscle.  As he lays there in the parking lot trying to crawl to standing,  he simply cannot move as his back is locked..  Joe has never felt something like this before and really doesn’t know what to do.  Ten minutes later one of the other CrossFit members gets the Paramedics to show up and check Joe out.

What do you think happens next?

That’s right they take Joe to the Emergency Room at NYU on a stretcher.  When Joe arrives at the ER he is brought to a waiting area where there are some seriously messed up cases there.  The guy next to him has a bleeding wound from a skateboarding injurie where the blood is literally pouring out of his thigh like a faucet.  The older woman to his right has her foot in an ice bath and has scratches on her face with the eyeglasses all fogged up from the NY August humidity. The place is a mad house …..

Mr Joe Greenbaum  (protecting his name ** fake name)  … calls the Nurse …
Are You Kidding Me?  He thinks to himself as  he wakes from dosing off, ” I can’t believe that after laying in this stretcher for four long hours (its now 2 am  in the morning on a Tuesday) They are just taking me in.”   He trys to sit up but the pain is worse than ever as he bites down on his tongue right before he blurts out a loud grunting sound of pain.  He freaks out as he realizes that  his whole leg is numb and cold and that he cant even move it!   NURSE HELP ME NOW PLEASE … I can’t feel my leg…

Does Joe Live happily ever after ?  lets see what happens…

Finally the ER Resident on call comes in and examines Joe.  He gets a Lumbar CAT Scan STAT ( even though Joe did not have fall or trauma) TONS OF RADIATION with a Cat Scan by the way.  They send Joe home finally and tell him that he pulled a muscle in his back and they give him extra strength motrin at 800 mg and call it a day..


Fast Forward   3 weeks later.  Joe is still limping around in severe pain and those pills are just not giving enough relief so he goes to his Local Family Doctor.  Now he gets some magic pills that are super amazing and put him literally on another planet.  You guessed it ….. —-+.  Joe gets addicted to this stuff psychologically and cannot get up in the morning without it.  Oh, by the way the Family Doctor told him the famous line … “just rest up Joe this is most likely Sciatica it will go away”  Nope it never went away it just gets worse and worse!

Dr. Google and Dr. YouTube to the rescue!!

Joe Discovers ALLCARE PT and gets to us luckily.  Literally  in one session we determine exactly the root cause of his pain and treat him on the spot. What we found was that Joe was over compensating for a weakness in his Gluteal Muscles by over working his hip flexors. That flared up the Piriformis Muscle ( the muscles deep in the butt that cover the Sciatic nerve) and caused an irritation to the whole leg.

Really. Simple. Stuff.

Poor Joe got stuck  with a $1,200 insurance bill from the NYU ER for a four hour wait, and a box of 800 mg Motrin and radiation  from an unnecessary Cat Scan as a parting gift!

From the Family Physician a  $65 copay and deductible at $130  and he got an addictive DRUG that he had a hard time weaning off from because it was so good it got him flying high.

He could have come to ALLCARE PT FIRST and saved TIME and MONEY and his health!


Physical Therapists are Movement Dysfunction Diagnosticians and get to the root cause of any nerve muscle bone ligament or PAIN problem with less time less aggravation and more VALUE than ANY OTHER MEDICAL SYSTEM OUT THERE.


Joe wished he knew about the ALLCARE Difference before he spent his vacation money on worthless medical interventions he received

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