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Foot and Ankle Physical Therapy

Humans have never ending activities from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep and we depend a lot on our feet. As we go on our daily lives, meeting accidents, stumbling into something or straining muscles especially in the feet and ankles are inevitable, but foot and ankle physical therapy can be the most effective and easy way to recover.

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Physical therapy and rehabilitation can be done for these conditions:

Common Causes of Ankle Pain, Foot Pain or Heel Pain

    • Plantar Fasciitis – Ankle pain and foot pain are commonly caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis or the heel spur syndrome where the plantar fascia is inflamed. People between the ages of 40 to 70, obese people, women with late pregnancy and runners are most likely to experience plantar fasciitis because of the pressure to the plantar fascia ligaments.
    • Sever’s Disease – This is another cause of ankle pain among teenagers and children. This happens when the plate in the lower back of the heel is inflamed because of sports, too much exercise and ill-fitted shoes.
    • Flat Footedness – Another common cause of ankle pain is being flat footed, both temporarily during teenage years when teenagers have heel bumps and permanently for those who are born flat footed.
    • Achilles tendinosis/Achilles tendinitis – This condition is when the largest tendon and the tendon connecting the heel to the calf—Achilles tendon—becomes inflamed due to degeneration.
    • Tarsal tunnel syndrome  – This occurs when the posterior tibia nerve inside the ankle and into the foot becomes compressed because of flat footedness, sprain and other systemic conditions such as arthritis.
    • Heel bursitis – This condition occurs when the fluid-filled sac called bursa swells. This sac is located at the back of the heel causing ankle pain and foot pain.
foot and ankle physical therapy Brooklyn NY

What to Expect from a Foot and Ankle Physical Therapy

Whether it is for foot and ankle physical therapy, physical therapy for sprained ankle or foot rehabilitation, here are the things you should expect from your   foot therapist: 

    • If it is your first time for a physical therapy, expect an interview from your therapist to check your health history and design a treatment plan.
    • Massages are common to check where the pain points are. In the actual therapy, massages promote blood flow and flexibility of muscles and joints.
    • Exercises such as squats, hydrotherapy, stationary biking, board works and stretched and ball works for range of motion, test of strength, cardiovascular state, balance, agility and mobility could be done.
    • Neurological screening tests may also be done in some circumstances as there are cases where foot and ankle pain are related to conditions that are more serious.

Our ankle and feet are almost overused every day, but as we face pains in these areas, knowing that there are therapies available is comforting. If you are experiencing ankle pain and foot pain right now, visit ALLCARE Physical Therapy located in Brooklyn, so our physical therapist can help you on your foot and ankle therapy plan.

If you are not sure what causes your pain, you can simply call us and describe your pain over the phone with Dr. Ofir Isaac.

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