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You would be surprised at how many people need a physical therapist for knee pain. A common issue that affects 1-in-4 adults is knee pain. In fact, on the list of most prevailing causes of long-term pain, knee pain comes in at number 2, with number 1 being back pain. Knee pain can be a result of torn cartilage, injury, ruptured ligament, infection, gout, arthritis or another issue.

Many cases of minor knee pain can settle down with self-care measures that can be done at home. However, in some cases, your physician may recommend surgery.

Our goal here at ALLCARE Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York, is to provide a treatment for knee pain to avoid having to resort to a surgical procedure or knee replacement. Many knee surgeries do not fully work. We not only offer alternatives to surgery but real solutions for a final recovery. 

Some of the Knee or Joint Conditions We Treat

Physical therapy for the knee can make your activities and daily tasks easier and less painful. Each person experiences pain differently, so our experienced physical therapists for knee pain develop a personalized treatment plan based on the evaluation. The techniques we use can help build up the strength in your knee and let you return to your normal activities. 

Our knee pain specialists treat all acute (sudden onset) and chronic (long-term) knee conditions, including but not limited to:

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physical therapist for knee pain Brooklyn NY
knee ligaments and tissues

Treatment for Knee Pain

Each treatment for knee injury or pain is customized to our patient’s unique medical needs. Reliving knee pain is what we do well. Some of our treatments include the following.

Deep Muscle stimulation

This is a newer technological advancement for pain relief. It is fast-acting, pain-free and can eliminate your pain without a surgery. This treatment uses mechanical and percussion vibrations to dive deep into the muscle tissue, stimulating the muscle and turning off the pain signals of the nerve that is causing the muscle pain. This is a clinically proven treatment with great results.

Physiotherapy for knee pain

This is an active approach to PT that empowers our patients to help themselves through manipulations and exercise, instead of passive treatments. You learn how to alleviate your own pain because we teach your precisely where the pain is originating from a neurological location.

Workshop: How to Avoid Knee Replacement.

Sign up for one of our workshop’s when it’s available to learn how to manage your knee pain without injections, surgery or medications. You will learn what causes your knee pain so that you can obtain healing. This is for anyone regardless of age. 


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