Physical Therapy Reviews

physical therapy reviews
Maria Iavrian - 5 Stars - General Pain
Maria Iavrian - 5 Stars - General Pain1 review
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Great physical therapy office! Amazing staff! Doctor is great and personalizes a specific program for persons exact needs. Felt better after just a few visits! Grateful to be in such a positive environment. Getting better by the day! This ballerina approves!
Perach Malca - 5 Stars - Frozen Shoulder
Perach Malca - 5 Stars - Frozen Shoulder4 reviews
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At first I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of physical therapy. I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder by Dr. Issac. He built me a plan of care that mobilize and stabilized my shoulder. When I first came I could barley lift my arm and my mobility was limited. After 12 session I can see and feel a big difference. I highly recommend All Care Physical therapy for your plan of care.
Sharon Mcletchie - 5 Stars - Leg Injury
Sharon Mcletchie - 5 Stars - Leg Injury1 review
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Allcare is amazing! When I first got there I couldn't walk on my right leg. After just a few sessions I was able to run. Dr. Isaac is very kind, and his patient care is excellent. Compared to other physical therapists I've seen, Dr Isaac is definitely the best and takes special interest in his patients' health.
T B - 5 Stars - Leg Injury
T B - 5 Stars - Leg Injury3 reviews · 10 photos
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I injured my leg on a bike ride and had a major pulled leg muscle called a strain by my sports doctor. I was limping and couldn't even pick up my leg. The leg was black and blue when I arrived at Allcare. They worked to diagnose the exact torn muscle and applied vibration and laser to my leg with custom strength exercises i can say it wasn't working until today my 8 visit where I was told I can return to my sports. Very happy with place would recommend to others who want a custom program for injuries
eric kerzhnerman - 5 Stars - Post Surgery Rehab
eric kerzhnerman - 5 Stars - Post Surgery Rehab5 reviews
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This place is amazing. Whether you have chronic pain or post surgery, these guys will create. A program to get you back on your feet ASAP. They have a more aggressive approach than mos tot places, but they do it to push you and make sure you get back to normal. I had 2 complex surgeries since March 2020 and wasn’t even able to walk. In 2 weeks after goi to all care, I am able to literally run. It’s not miracles, but they know what they are doing. Their staff is friendly, accommodating and they work with you after a serious evaluation!!!
Luz Maria Moore - 5 Stars - Balance Training
Luz Maria Moore - 5 Stars - Balance Training1 review
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I came here after seeing a Facebook video about balance training. I had major balance issues walking without a walker. I came here and worked out for 1 month and saw absolutely that I can now walk without my walker in my home safely. The staff pushes you beyond your abilities and comes up with super creative exercises yo get you functioning better than the last visit. Highly recommended 👌
Antonio Pino - 5 Stars - Thoracic Scoliosis
Antonio Pino - 5 Stars - Thoracic Scoliosis6 reviews
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I am an ortho surgeon with thoracic scoliosis. I came to Allcare Physical with the intention to get the proper diagnosis and long lasting preventive care. As a surgeon I am super picky and let me tell you these guys are super sharp diagnosticians in non surgical assessment. Immediately I understood that I had a mild rotoscoliosis and exactly what custom exercises will be prescribed. The intensity of the muscle control program is like CrossFit. I leave here feeling like I worked out in a Cross Fit yet my pain is gone in 4 sessions. I highly suggest you try these guys glad I found them

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