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Physical Therapist for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Specialist

It can be difficult to find a physical therapist for shoulder pain, especially one that truly cares about their patients. Shoulder pain affects millions of people in America every year. Due to the complexity of the joints in the shoulder, there can be different causes for shoulder pain. It can be a very debilitating type of pain that results in loss or restriction of your daily-life functions.

Depending on the scope of your pain and your personal medical history, shoulder pain physical therapy may be a potent non-surgical treatment option. For pain resulting from rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, and moderate to mild osteoarthritis, physical therapy for shoulder pain may raise your quality of life, and sometimes even avert surgical intervention, according to several studies.In your journey towards shoulder pain relief, physical therapy can increase your mobility and strength as well as lessen your pain.

At ALLCARE Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York, our Physical Therapist for shoulder pain will examine the range of motion, functional issues, and strength of your shoulder and come up with a personalized plan to restore your mobility and relieve your pain.

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Shoulder Pain Causes

While a variety of issues can lead to shoulder pain, a large amount of problems result from slowly increasing irritation over time. This may happen because of muscle imbalances, poor posture, or repetitive use of your arm. Shoulder irritations frequently lead to bigger problems especially when left untreated for a long period of time.

There are several types of shoulder injuries and problems that can result in shoulder pain.

ALLCARE Physical therapy – Brooklyn New York can be quite effective in finding lasting pain relief from all these shoulder issues with the help of our shoulder pain specialist.

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When to Seek Physical Therapist for Shoulder Pain

  • You have difficulty raising your arm and reaching overhead
  • You have difficulty lying on your shoulder
  • You cannot carry lights objects or move your arm normally
  • Your shoulder joints look deformed
  • You feel intense pain.
  • Sudden swelling, stiffness or tenderness especially after traumatic event or a fall.
  •  You can’t use your shoulder at all.
  • Your arm or hand is either weak or numb for things that you normally do.

What to Expect From Your Physical Therapy Sessions

  1. Managing Pain. Our shoulder pain specialist will help you correct irregular posture and identify and avert painful movements.
  2. Strength Exercises. Determine which exercises are right for strengthening your shoulder muscles.
  3. Range of Motion Exercises. Physical Therapist for shoulder pain will teach you stretches and exercise that will help your shoulder blade and shoulder to properly move so you can regain lifting and reaching movements without pain.
  4. Manual Therapy. We utilize manual techniques like shoulder stretches, soft-tissue massage and gentle joint movements to ensure your bursa and tendons can avert impingement.
  5. Function Training. You will learn how to properly perform several functions as your condition improves, like ball throwing or lifting an object to a high shelf. With this training, you will be able to return to your work, sports,  and home functions being pain-free.
  6. Patient Education. You will receive help learning the best posture for pain-relief from our physical therapist for shoulder pain. For instance, if your shoulders curl forward while at your computer, the front shoulder tendons may become impinged. We help you improve your posture and offer counsel for adjustments to your daily habits.

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