Professional Physical Therapy NYC

The ALLCARE Difference

ALLCARE is a professional Physical Therapy in NYC, including locations Brooklyn and Manhattan. We work one-on-one with doctors until we find the solution to your condition. This strategic relationship means we won’t stop until we find the cause and a treatment plan that works.

Why ALLCARE Physical Therapy?

  • Our experts provide evidence-based, innovative physical therapy to correct, maintain, and prevent your aches and pains.
  • We provide a thorough examination and evaluation using advanced clinical reasoning to get to the root of your pain.
  • Our physical therapists are specially trained in advanced diagnostic nerve conduction velocity and electromyography testing.
  • We offer leading-edge pain relief technology not readily available at other physical therapy offices.
  • You have Direct Access to physical therapists, meaning you don’t need a referral from a physician to seek physical therapy in the state of New York.
  • Patients form a relationship with a team of physical therapists whose one goal is to get answers.
  • We have two convenient locations in New York: Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Correct, Maintain, and Prevent

Our unique treatment approach and process is our way of getting to the root of your problem and giving you the tools you need to achieve long-lasting results. We look at your whole body – not just the problem area.

  • Correct: During the initial phase of treatment, we determine YOUR movement dysfunction diagnosisand focus on reducing YOUR pain with hands-on manual therapy to reduce muscle spasm, increase joint motion, and promote healing.
  • Maintain: Once the pain has been reduced, or focus shifts towards training your body to maintain its newfound alignment and balance. We do this through specific exercise programs and manual therapy techniques that train your nerves, muscles, and bones to work more effectively together.
  • Prevent: During the final phase of therapy, we work with you in planning how YOU will prevent your problem from recurring. This includes a personalized home exercise program, proper lifting techniques, modifying your work environment, and getting you to optimal fitness and health.

Experience the ALLCARE difference for yourself. Call us today for an appointment at our Brooklyn or Manhattan physical therapy office at (718) 673-2014, or you can request an appointment online.

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