Electromyography Test & Procedure (EMG)

Finding the reason for your pain can feel daunting, but the Electromyography Test can help with that. Chronic pain is often not diagnosed by doctors until a person has been in pain for six months or longer and has gone through an array of tests.

Identifying the precise location of your chronic pain, meaning your Pain Origin, is the initial and most vital step in eradicating it.

Traditionally, physical therapists have focused on lessoning pain symptoms. At ALLCARE Physical Therapy in Brooklyn New York, we start by identifying the precise source of the pain.

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How ALLCARE Does Pain Diagnosis with Electromyography Test

Using Advanced Neurological Pain Science inputs during a thorough examination, we are able to determine the strength of the whole body’s Peripheral Nervous System.

Why is this important? Our experience has shown us that pain arises from the unhealthy functioning of one’s whole Peripheral Nervous System. It doesn’t matter where it may show up as a symptom in any certain area of your body, your extensive Peripheral Nervous System is compromised when even one area of your body is threatened. The nerves that come directly from your spinal cord are connected to every single muscle in your body which affects every area you might feel pain. Because of this, we always begin our collaborative diagnostic process of your pain using a particular Neural BodyScan that equips us with a baseline analysis.

In some rare cases when this does not completely reveal the issue, we conduct an Electromyography Diagnostic Test (EMG).

What is Electromyography (EMG) and How Does it Work?

An EMG is a test that measures how efficiently your muscles respond to the nerve signals sent from the brain to work. This helps us determine if there are neuromuscular abnormalities. The Electromyography test involves one or more electrodes (small needles) being inserted through your skin into your muscle. The electrode will pick up electrical activity and show it on a monitor. 

We use the EMG tests to further measure and isolate the strength of specific nerves affected with instigating your pain. This test allows us to identify in real time, the pain or burning in your muscles, the level of pressure in the area causing the weakness, and then helps disclose the true source of your pain or weakness.

The EMG procedure is not painful. We use a very small acupuncture pin, so it feels like a pin prick. Usually, it takes anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. The benefit of using this test can be invaluable. This highly safe and reliable test diagnoses the nerves and allows us to see the source of the problem. This way we can treat the cause and not just the symptoms.

ALLCARE PT is the only physical therapy office that conducts the EMG test in all of Brooklyn. In fact, Dr. Ofir Isaac is one of only 300 Physical Therapists in the nation that is certified to conduct the test and to interpret the results. For over two decades, physicians from several NY area hospitals have made use of Dr. Isaac’s Electromyography test results to accelerate their patient’s improvement and full pain eradication. 

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