Spinal Decompression Therapy

Relieving Back Pain through Disc Decompression Therapy

Most of us have experienced some kind of back pain by the time we’ve reached our later twenties, but Spinal Decompression Therapy can help. Back pain could be from our regular activities, sports, or simply wear and tear but our backs get the rough end of the deal. Severe back pain doesn’t have to be a life sentence. It doesn’t have to mean taking endless pills or getting surgery.

You may have tried traditional physical therapy or a series of medications to help. Maybe you’ve even considered surgery. While some conditions may require surgery, nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy can be like the miracle you’ve been hoping for in getting rid of your back pain.

You may or may not have heard of this spinal decompression technology, but we will show you how this can change your life. Our therapists here at AllcarePT in Brooklyn, NY have much experience and expertise in this therapy.

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What is Spinal Decompression?

It is a type of motorized traction that can help bring relief of back pain helping you recover.  

This decompression therapy for the back functions by mildly stretching the spine, altering the position and force of the spine. This change allows pressure to be taken off the spinal discs by developing negative pressure in the disc. Herniated or bulging discs can retract as a result, which alleviates pressure of the nerves and other parts of the spine. Healing is then promoted as the movement of oxygen, nutrient-rich fluids and water flows into the discs.

Spinal decompression treatment all AllCarePT is done with a specific type of motorized table. This table moves in certain directions with a certain level of force. It can isolate the precise location of the spine, or the leg where the sciatic nerve is trapped.

Then it gradually releases that nerve to have it slowly decompress the pressure where the nerve is being pinched.

The ALLCARE system for this therapy is different than the traditional chiropractic static spinal decompression technologies. You can even begin right now in the comfort of your own home, releasing and relieving the pain in your lower back by using your own spinal decompression therapy that you may have heard of or tried at the Brooklyn Spine Wellness Center and/or the Brooklyn Spine Center.


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“Active” Decompression Therapy in Action!

Here is a patient who came in to AllcarePT in Brooklyn complaining of side back pain.

When we first strapped him into the system to introduce him to decompression therapy. He was AMAZED!

Watch the video here:

But then the REAL KICKER!

Our system is an ACTIVE spinal decompression technology and that basically means that you are doing the same exercises that you saw in the video above; where you’re using the different movements, but we’re actually going to be decompressing and isolating very specific parts of your body as you do these motions.

Doing the ACTIVE movements and getting the decompression done on the motorized non-surgical spinal decompression table that we have; your spine will be gently stretched. But not just your spine, it will floss the nerve root between your bones and your muscles. This is the SECRET SAUCE of what is going to make you feel better.

Results of Our “Active” Decompression Therapy

The flossing of the nerve while on the decompression table brings immediate relief of pain, numbing in your leg (if you have it), tingling, and the weakening of your leg. It will all go away.

This therapy allows our patients to sit longer, stand longer, and walk longer with less and less of the excruciating pain that they were feeling. Pain while at rest will be minimal. This has been life-changing!

Stretches and injections can offer temporary help. However, we’ve discovered that the REAL SECRET is not just applying a “passive” stretch, which can be seen in various chiropractic methods, but utilizing an “active” spinal decompression to release the nerve where it’s trapped between your bone and muscle.


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At AllCare Physical Therapy in Brooklyn – Pain Elimination for Life – we aim to alleviate the actual root cause of your problem by targeting specifically, and isolating the stretch to the exact location where the problem really is.

If you want to learn more about our unique Active Spinal Decompression Technology, you can learn more here by giving us a visit or a call below.

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